Dyna Products

DYNA Products continues to be a market leader in the small to midsize firewood processor category. Constant innovation, attention to detail, and customer feedback are the main driving forces behind our steady growth. Now with over 1,000 firewood processors throughout the world, the DYNA brand has earned its position as a key player in the firewood industry. DYNA offers 4 firewood processors in various configurations to serve customers ranging from homeowners to full-time commercial firewood operators. Our entry-level machine, the SC-12, starts at just $11,000 and processes up to 15″ diameter logs at the rate of 1 full cord per hour. The SC-14 brings firewood processing to a new level. Owners can cut and split 2 full cords per hour with a 32 HP Kohler Gas Engine. DYNA’s SC-15 firewood processor bridges the gap between medium and large-scale operations, providing 22″ of cutting capacity and 3 full cords per hour of production with a 37 HP Kohler Gas Engine or the optional 34 HP CAT Diesel. Finally, our flagship model SC-16 is powered by a 51 HP CAT Diesel engine and our powerful 4.5″ x 30″ splitting cylinder, producing up to 4 full cords per hour. All of our firewood processors are backed by a solid warranty and our experienced service engineers. If you have any questions about, reach out today and speak with our professional sales staff. We’ll talk with you about your current operations and help suggest the best fit based on your budget and needs.